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Maori Business

In tandem with the re-emergence of Maori culture has been an expansion of the Maori business sector. Traditional areas of business for Maori have been agriculture, forestry and fisheries, but diversification is now underway into other sectors such as horticulture, wine, energy, renewables, information technology and large-scale tourism.

The asset base of Maori businesses has been augmented in recent years with settlements from initial claims made by Maori iwi (tribes) under the Treaty of Waitangi, and these settlements are assisting Maori businesses in their diversification goals.

The development of future strategies for Maori business is now a key focus, and Te Puni Kokiri (the Ministry of Maori Development), has been central in this process.

Maori Tourism

A growing awareness and appreciation of indigenous cultures is providing increased opportunities for Maori tourism. With an increased focus on sustainable tourism, Maori are ideally placed to provide a wide variety of tourist experiences to visitors to New Zealand as well as existing residents.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment provides policy guidance and direction in order to maximise visitor experience and ensure the future sustainability of tourism in New Zealand, including supporting Maori tourism.

New Zealand Maori Tourism is a representative national entity that provides advocacy for the promotion of Maori tourism.

Maori Business Networks

The Federation of Maori Authorities is New Zealand's largest Maori business network. The primary objective of the Federation of Maori Authorities is to foster and promote the development, sound management, and economic advancement of Maori Authorities.

Maori and the Internet

The extension was the first indigenous second-level domain in the world. The New Zealand Maori Internet Society exists to promote and define a strong Maori presence on the internet. An increasing number of Maori businesses are utilising the power of the internet to reach out to a global audience and take advantage of opportunities available in other markets.

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